I havent been on here in like forever but i decided to get on here cuz i miss it i guess. lol. Im having the most boring summer of my life so far but i hope it gets better soon!

my boyfriend wish just doesnt work

I met a guy that is now my brother-in-law,but i really love him. The problem is i dont think he would like me because theres about a 5 yr. age difference, and the major problem is were both guys. I wish he would like me but he has no idea i love him so much, infact he doesnt even know i like him even though he's a guy. I just am afraid to tell him how i feel because i dont know how he would react to it, but im not scared of rejection because whatever he says i'll love him no matter what. All that matters is that he knows how i feel, but how do i tell him without being nervous about it.
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